Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bag the Hun Scenarios - Operation Bodenplatte

Finally found some time to get back to Bag the Hun, and by "found some time" I meant I have a head cold and cough that makes painting almost impossible... unless I want the minis to look like a Picasso revival.

I've put together a couple scenarios based on the Luftwaffe offensive Operation Bodenplatte which occured during the Battle of the Bulge on January 1st 1945. It's been slow going but I've done three scenarios and I'm pretty happy with the results so far. The real tricky part has been trying to make them something more than "you have 8 aircraft and he has 6... have at it!".

I've dressed the first one up in publisher and I'm almost happy with how it looks. I'll post the pdf's here later this evening but right now I've been up for almost 40 hours straight and I think I'm finally tired enough to sleep through the coughing and any noise the kids could (and will) make... hopefully.

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