Monday, July 27, 2009

Black Tree Wins... Almost

Some of my order from Black Tree Designs arrived today, part shipment from the US, more to come from the UK soon.

Only four packs:
WW2192 - Fallschirmjager Characters (4)
WW2058 - P.A.K. 40 & Crew (1 & 3 Crew)
WW2066 - U.S. Para HMG Team
WW9028 - U.S. Para Snipers (2)

The PAK-40 that arrived was actually WW2173 - Afrika Korps PAK 40 with Crew but the crew from WW2058 should be arriving witht the rest of order from the UK.

I'm building the PAK now so I'll get some photos up when it's done. To help distinguish the weapon types on the table I've decided on the following basing sizes:

40mm round - LMG/MMG and Light/Medium Mortats
60mm round - HMG and Heavy Mortars
95mm round - Guns and Artillery.

The larger sized bases for the guns and artillery has plenty of room for the larger minis and also allows me to stretch those diorama muscles. Photos to come.

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