Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's The Little Things

I honestly thought I was going to finish the Germans tonight, I had it all planned out. I wasn't going to try and paint any details except for the eagles on the shirts and caps. Well... they looked very nice painted up (even when I didn't stay between the lines). So started to think what about the Heer symbols on the collars? Yup they looked great as well. Well now I just had to do the shoulder boards. These were a little trickier than I planned but they can out really really nice.

The minis just look so much more... German.

The work isn't the cleanest I've ever done but from a distance you can't tell the really rough ones from the not so rough ones. I think any extra effort would look great in photos but would get lost on the table.

I'm tempted to try and freehand some eagles on the helmets but I'm really too tired for that now, maybe tomorrow.

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