Sunday, July 5, 2009

A New Order To Black Tree

No you read that correctly, I placed another order with Black Tree Designs even after all the hassles with my orders in the past. Why? Three reasons really:

The first is price, discounted prices compunded with free international postage is hard to pass up.

Secondly, in the past I've been kind of eager to get the minis into my excited mature age gamer hands. This time, putting the excitement factor aside, I don't need this stuff right now to play a game, I can wait.

Just on the amazing off-chance that my wife is reading this: no seriously I can wait, and by "I don't need this" I meant I'm happy to play games without all the miniatures I need to fully appreciate the... OK I'll stop, I'd probably just be getting *that look* right about now anway.

Thirdly is that I love their minis. The sculps are great and they have the widest range I've seen and some of them have around 20 individual poses. What more could you ask for from a mini?

Anyway getting back to the point of the post, here what I ended up ordering:

1 x WW2291 - Fallschirmjager Platoon (30)
1 x WW2192 - Fallschirmjager Characters (4)
1 x WW2133 - Fallschirmjager with MG42s (4)
1 x WW2208 - Fallschirmjager with MP44s II (4)

1 x WW9034 - Wehrmacht Officers (2)
1 x WW2058 - P.A.K. 40 & Crew (1 & 3 Crew)
1 x WW2138 - German le IG18 75mm Infantry Support Gun
1 x WW2197 - 20mm Flakvierling 38

2 x WW2103 - British 6lb Cannon & Crew (1)

1 x WW2066 - U.S. Para HMG Team
1 x WW9028 - U.S. Para Snipers (2)
1 x WW9027 - U.S. Para Bazooka Team (2)

I'll put up photos when they arrive. This may just be the incentive I need to get the minis I already have painted.

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