Monday, July 27, 2009

The Report of My Death Was an Exaggeration

It's been a while since I put up a post and I thought it best to let my readership (the small but faithful lot you are) that I am in fact still here and I will get around to posting some new stuff soon. As soon as I get time to actually do anything that is. The ever present Real Life just keeps rearing it's ugly head and dragging me back out of my warm-safe-game-world.

One thing I have managed to do over the last few weeks is give up coffee, well not completely but I've had a total of 7 cups over the last two weeks and a bit. That's huge for me, I'd normally do that in a day at work without even trying. I'm past all the headaches (both from drinking too much and then from not drinking enough), I'm even pretty much past the nervous shakes and impulses to run to the kitchen. I'm drinking lots of water, admittedly from my old coffee cup but I'm using a habit to break a habit. Long story short is I feel fantastic and I'm determined to make it last this time (previous record was two months).

I should, hopefully have my Artizan and Black Tree orders here in the next day or two so I post some photos of bight shiny things soon.

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