Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bag the Hun

I didn't manage to get the western stuff ready in time for Badga so I took along the trust Bag the Hun and set that up. Mick played the Germans who had to escort a Dornier off the table. Once again I strapped myself into the cockpit of a Spitfire and tried to bring the big guy down.

I forgot I had the camera with me so the first shot is sometime in the third turn. The three Spitfires had the Dornier surrounded and hit it with everything they had. Gunner killed and temporary loss of control followed by another hit that stopped the bomber from climbing and performing hard maneuvers. The next two cards though were the Bomber Move and the bomber Pilot character card. The darned thing made it's roll to regain control and quickly (for a Dornier) ducked out of there. Soooo close.

Another shot of the Dornier trying to make a quick getaway. The pilot character card really helped the Germans in this scenario. What should have been a 6-7 run across the table ended up being 5 turns, not a lot of time to take it down.

One lone Junior Ace desperay left trying to catch the bomber when three BF109's swooped in to make things even harder.

Result: A win for Mick and the Hun. The British managed to cause some serious damage to the bomber and rattle a few of the BF109's but at the cost of two downed Spitfires was too high a price for so little a return.
The coloured tokens in the bases really helped move things along. The smaller dice for altitude should also tidy up the table, possibly even being able to blu-tac them to the base also.
I think next meet we'll try a game with 3-4 players and give every one a section or two each. Hmmm I'd better paint the rest of the 109's and the Hurricane's then.

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