Monday, August 31, 2009

Disposable Heroes

I had a look at Disposable Heroes & Coffin For Seven Brothers (DH&C7B) waaay back when I started getting into WW2 gaming but I overlooked it in favour of publishers who provided pdf versions of their rules (cheaper you know). The other thing that I didn't like was that you activated squads and teams, I really wanted something smaller, individual men.

Well after playing Nuts! for a few years now I'd really like to be able to field more of my collection on the table. Nuts! is a great system but really doesn't scale well without resorting to house rules (group activation and so on). It still can bog down with the reaction rolls but simply anything above a platoon a side can get result in a lot of dice rolls.

What I'd really like though is to be able to play a game with 3-4 platoons on the table, lots of artillery and few tanks. Something like that would really show up the *cough*hammer guys.

After a fair bit of research and a small dash of procrastination I decided to pick up DH&C7B, a couple of the army books (British, US and German) and one of the scenario books (Without Fortune). All paper ones too, my bank account would have preferred PDF versions, cheaper and no postage, but I'm sure I'll appreciate these when they arrive.

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