Sunday, August 9, 2009

Giant Monster Rampage

As expected today was pretty busy with gardening and work but I did manage to get the rest of the Black Tree miniatures based. I'll try to get the basing done this week and hit them with the airbrush this weekend.

What little time I have had to play some games has been taken up with a game called Giant Monster Rampage by Radioactive Press.

The system is simple (but not simplistic) and play is nice and quick. An interesting twist is that while it is technically a miniatures game it has been designed around using action figures for the monsters. Funnily enough I started looking on e-bay for some Godzilla toys when it suddenly hit me: kids... toys... TOYROOM!

I'm putting together a simple campaign system so that the kids and I can play a few games and make up a story as we go. I'll take some photos of the games in progress and the kids can make up a story book from it.

I picked up the two expansions Swarms (bugs and so on) and Red Alert (military) so I think I'll place and order for some 10mm Pendraken WW2 minis to help bring down the giant skeletal T-Rex that will be the main monster in our campaign. I'm also playtesting a new game called Power Warriors which is a stand alone product but is compatible with Giant Monster Rampage, this focuses more on your Dragonball-Z, TMNT & Ben-10 type characters.

If you like skirmish games in the Songs of Blades and Heroes style then I think you'll find something to like here. And it's cheap too at $9.55AUD for the core rulebook and $2.99AUD each for the expansions. Best of all is that if you have kids then you've probably already got all the figures you'll need, all pre-painted too :-).

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