Monday, August 17, 2009

Whitewash City - First Buildings

I started out with the tents as some practice as it had been a while since I'd put anything like this together (I really should get the rest of that zombie infested shopping mall done).

All full of confidence I started on the Mail Express building, it took maybe 20 minutes to cut out and glue. The hardware store took a little longer, maybe 30-40 minutes as the veranda was pretty fiddly.

Looks good though, and the miniatures fit nicely too. I had heard some people were having trouble getting miniatures to fit that were based on the industry standard (ie GW) 25mm round bases).

I haven't tried putting on the chimney of either building yet as it looks fiddly, I'll get some more buildings under my belt first. I'm undecided if I'll leave the buildings as is or if I'll mount them onto foam card or MDF bases. Either way will be a bit of work but should add a little heft to the buildings and help them sit on the table better.
Tomorrow night: Sheriff's Office and the Hotel.

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