Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Disposable Heroes & Coffin for Seven Brothers

Came home tonight to find my order from Iron Ivan Games had arrived.  The packaging was a little worse for wear but none of the books seemed damaged, well not by the postal service at least.  Since there were six books in my order the envelope wasn't able to completley close.  This meant that a small sliver of the sticky glue on the lip of the envelop stuck on the front cover of the main rulebook.  Luckily it stuck to the white part of the front cover so no real damage was done to the artwork, still annoying though.

The books themselves have a fairly thin cover, even the coloured ones, however the books are anything but cheap.  The content is well laid out well and these books have more tables than I've seen in any game, well except maybe for Phoenix Command but that game was just awesomley ridiculous.

I'll have to put these away on the shelf, for now, so I can focus on the terrain building.  I mean it's so unlike me to get distracted and leave something half finished...

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