Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Terrain - Hedges & Forests Part 1

I needed a break from making the Whitewash City buildings for Gutshot and Sixgun Sound so I thought I really should get some decent scenery and terrain sorted for Nuts.  So I started at lunch today by purchasing some of the Woodland Scenics range of bushes and foliage.

A while ago I had made up a heap of hedges and hedgerow out of the expanded foam found in the PC boxes from work (we throw away sooo much of this stuff).  Initially I was going to have the hedges sit directly on the table but the more I thought about it the more I'm convinced they'll need an MDF base more for weight than stability.

So off to the garage I went and half an hour later I've got these.  The white things are the amazing average looking (but free) expanded foam hedgerows.  The bases have been cut out from 3mm MDF using a jigsaw and then hand filed.

And another shot to better show the scale/size of the hedges.

I had it all planned perfectly.  A liberal snake of MDF glue on the base, press the hedge down and then secure using rubber bands.  Oh it worked so well... until I used up my entire supply of two rubber bands.  I did have a whole gosh darn bag of these somewhere but I couldn't find them anywhere.

A comprimise was settled upon: masking tape.  It works pretty well and servers the purpose well.

I also cut out some 6mm forest bases, I won't do much with these until my e-bay trees arrive from Queensland.  I'd like to base the trees seperatley and just sit them on top.  That will allow for easier storage and the trees can move around the miniatures and not the other way around, which will help with games that use stands and not bases (Warmaster, DBA etc).

One thing I will point out is that I got sick of filing the hedge bases pretty darned quick so I grabbed the router and gave these bases a quick once around.  Didn't come out as good as I'd hoped for but for 30 seconds of work I really can't complain.

So the plan now is to go and watch Fringe and let this stuff dry overnight.  Tomorrow I'll have a look at how well (or not) the glue has bonded.  All going well I think I'll get the airbrush out at hit these hedges with either a black or green undercoat.  Once that's dry I'll try to work out how to put the scenics stuff on.

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