Thursday, October 1, 2009

Terrain - Hedges & Forests Part 5

If you look really carefully at the photo you'll notice millions of tiny little cuts all over my hand... no?  Can't see them?  Well the thinners in the paint did, not immediatley.. oh no it waited, it waited for me to completely coat my hands with the stuff.  Almost got finished and then a tingle... tingle turned to a pins and needles feeling and finally the pins and needles just fricken' hurt.  Luckily all I needed was some warm soapy water and a hug from my youngest.

Hmmm oh yeah I did some more work on the terrain too.  The tree bases below will need a little brush work to bring out some of the details, possibly a bit of flock here and there.

I tried the paint (Tamiya) on a small piece of spare foam and I really expected it to shrivel up, but it didn't so I gave all the hedges a spray of green on the foliage which helped hide almost all of the silver/white bits that were left.

You can see here the coverage is quite good.

Lastly I got the forest bases painted, everything here took almost 5 complete pots of the Tamoya paints but the colours looks great. 

I'll let the paint dry overnight and I'll have a go at flocking the hedges tomorrow.


  1. We chuck out tonnes of that stuff at my work too - do you really think it's viable as a scenery component? Also, I don't have an airbrush - if I slop on paint using a brush, do you think it'd still be OK?

  2. I initially tried the slop approach and the results were mixed. But the deal breaker for me was that paintng the foam by hand takes *forever* and uses a *lot* of paint.

    I've started flocking two pieces of the hedges using different methods. One method makes the paint coverage less important while the other more so. I'll post some photos of the results.