Sunday, December 20, 2009

Grand Plans

Ok so I'm on three weeks leave, take away Christmas, a retaining wall I need to build and some special time with the Xbox/PS3 and what do I have?  Well hopefully enough time to paint some miniatures.  I won't list everything that needs painting but what I've got here are the miniatures I'm likely to actually use if finished:

  • 10 Heru Archers - pretty much done.
  • 20 Heru Swordsmen - some base coat.
  • 10 Heru Spearmen - based but still silver.
  • 10 Anubi Archers - based but still silver.
  • 10 Anubi Swordsmen - based but still silver.
  • 10 Heru/Anubi Characters - big mixture here, some are pretty much done (Heru Harbinger) while others are simply undercoated (all the Anubi stuff).
Bag the Hun
  • Around 50 mixed aircraft - mostly silver but these shouldn't take too long, epecially when/if the Army Painter stuff turns up and it works as avertised.
Wild West
  • Around 20 miniatures in mixed states from undercoated to almost done.  I really want to get these done before next Badga.
  • A squad or two of German Wehrmacht infantry.
  • A platoon worth of German Fallschirmjager.
  • A platoon of US Paras with a few support squads.
  • A squad or two of British Infantry.
  • 5 artillery pieces/guns/anti aircraft.
  • 7 1/48 model kits in various states from unopened kits to "just paint me".
Hmmm glad this is just the "short" list.  Honestly I won't get through even a quarter of this but I would like to put a nice dent in it.  I think the big factor will be the Army Painter stuff.  If it gets here in time and I can make it work then I'm sure it will be the incentive to keep going.  The theory is that if I can do a decent job on the mini with moderate shading and highlighting then the Army Painter stuff should help bring out all the details I just couldn't be bothered painting.

Anyway we'll see how well I go in three weeks.

I know I'm getting both Uncharted 2 and Fallout 3 for Xmas so there is a teeny tiny chance that I'll spend a little more time in front of the PS3 than originally anticipated.

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