Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Are... Are You My Conscience?

Twice now I've been in the process of placing an order at Pico Armor when I've just stopped and closed the browser window.  Why?  I'm not sure exactly.  Guilt maybe, I do have a lot of unpainted stuff sitting around and maybe I should paint that first.  It's not exactly the money either, the value of the miniatures is fantastic but I'm thinking maybe I should be trying to fill out some of my other armies first with 28mm WW2 skirmish and Wargods being the focus.  At the moment that is, I could name maybe a dozen other games "I'm playing" if I tried. 

So that brings me to the fact that I have all these games that I'm not playing enough of already, do I want to add Blitzkreig Commander to that list?

So what do you guys think?  How many games is too many?  How often do you have to play a game to warrant spending more money on it?

Also bonus points to who can tell me the name of the movie that the title of this blog entry comes from.

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