Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bag the Hun - Bonus Cards

Part of the Operation Bodenplatte scenarios I've been putting together includes a system where pilots can earn one-shot abilities to help mix things up on the table.  Some sceanarios call for selection from a specific set of cards while others allow the player to choose from any available.  Cards are selected secretly and are placed face down until played.

Until recetnly these cards have simply been scraps of paper with vague notes like "+/- 2 SPD then discard" so I thought that since I was already making some cards for BTH 2 I might put together a few using the new look.

Again the artwork has been borrowed from here, there and everywhere.  Also I not too happy with the images for "Whites" or "Finesse" but free time is short and so they'll do for now.

I don't want the cards to be too powerful but I'd like them to be able to add a little oomph when you really need it.  So I put it to everyone out there, what do you think?

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