Saturday, January 16, 2010


Battletech has made a bit of a resurgance at our club lately and I can't help but be tempted to start playing again.  A quick trip to the back shed yielded two boxes, one of rulebooks and supplements and the other was my unpainted mechs.

I have another box somewhere of my painted mechs, mostly plastics but I recall having metal minis for Panther, Goliath, Hatchetman and a couple from *other* games and a small squag ov vehicles as well.  I'll keep looking and post photos when I can.

As for the guys at the clud it's a case of good news and bad news, funny how they always come together.  Good news is that their preferred era is around 3025, my personal favourite.  The bad news is evident from the photo above, only two mechs fit into that era.  I hope I find that other box soon, until then I'll just use the clan stuff as proxies.

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