Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bloodbowl: Moortoen Flinggers vs Red Mountain Spiders

I managed to catch up with Toby tonight and we got in a long overdue game of Bloodbowl.  The Spiders (Goblins, TR 167) threatened to overrun the Moortown Flinggers (Halflings, TR 139) early on the game by breaking away to 1-0 and injuring four Halflings and killing one more.

The Halflings equalised late in the first half with the classic "run, hand off, run, throw, catch and run" play.  A one turn touchdown from one end of the pitch to the other.  The photo below shows the majestic moment.

The Spiders responded with the ever classic "Toss a Goblin" play and scored with their own one turn touchdown.  Not to be outdone the Halflings answered with their variation "Toss a Fling" which was successful right up the llast go for it roll in the endzone, rolled a one, burnt a re-roll, rolled another one.  One turn touchdowns aren't very common but to almost have three back to back is incredible.

Early in the second half the Halflings managed to even the scores at two aside.  It came down to the last two turns where either side could have scored.  The Spiders' luck managed to hold out longer than the Halfings and walked away with a 3-2 win.

A lineman and one of the treemen each managed to get their second skils.  Probably go with Diving Tackle for the Halfling and Guard for the treeman.

A great game and a great start to the season for the Halflings... well at least we were competitive, another turn or two and we could have walked away the winners.

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