Sunday, January 31, 2010

Calling all Lardies

A co-pilot of mine, Bob has done some great work in putting together a Google Map he's lovingly called The Lardfinder.  Basically anyone out there who plays any of the Too Fat Lardies games should send an email through to to get yourself added to the map.  It serves two purposes really, the first being a fantastic tool to find like minded players who are located near you and secondly it's just plain nerdy-cool.  I could, and do, spend hours looking at stuff like this.

You can find a teeny tiny copy of the map down on the right hand side of my blog, go on scroll down and have a look.  You can also find a bigger version of it right here:

I have a selfish motivation to get as many Lardies from Victoria, Australia on the map but it would be fantastic to see if we can get at least one from every country.


  1. For a bit more info, go to

  2. another Lardie reporting in from southern Melbourne!