Saturday, February 6, 2010

Army Painter - The Results Are In

And the results are good, very good in fact. I tried the strong tone on a couple of my cowboys and they look fantastic. I went with the brush on approach and it was just as easy as advertised. Simply brush the stuff on starting from the top of the miniature and work your way down to the feet, making sure to check for any runs or build ups in areas you don't want. The great thing about using the brush method is can add more in the areas that need it while giving everything else a light coat. There's also a lot less wastage with all of the material ending up on your miniatures and not on the floor or splattered on the walls of a box. At $50 per can the less wastage the better.

I'll get some before and after shots up tomorrow after they've dried. So far I've also done the unit of Heru archers, my halflings BB team and started on my Orc team.

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