Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dom's Decals: US, Japan and "Those" Tail Markings

The postman arrived this morning with my order of decals from Dom.  The Japanes and US decals are pretty much what I expected but it's the Luftwaffe tail markings that I'm most impressed with, even the tiniest ones of maybe 1mm in size have clear definition.  There are 7 different sizes in both solid and outlined types.  The bigger two sizes are probably too big for any of my aircraft, understandanble since they are 1/300 decals.  But the smaller 5 sizes will look right at home on the TD aircraft.

I'm thinking maybe I should have gotten some of the white ones as well but, if I'm really careful, I should be able to just paint a small square of white and then place the decal over that.

Now this does mean that I've got no excuses to not paint those squadrons of Zeroes and Wildcats.  I'll get the tail markings on some of the German aircraft and try to get the Zeroes done with photos posted tonight.


  1. very nice indeed! I think a few decals really make a huge difference.

  2. Always great to see Dom's excellent decals in action. Have you settled on the best method of application?

  3. I agree the decals really make the aircraft come alive. It's been a long process of trial and error as far as the application goes. A coloured water dish is an absolute must when putting them on.

    I'll get the camera out tonight and see if I can take a few snaps while holding camera, a plane and a decal on a brush.


  4. I understand that decals go on better if you do a glass coat first, applied to the small areas you want. It lets the decal settle better and once drid, adullcoat takes away the shine. One I'll tryout in due course. Looking forward to your pics