Friday, April 30, 2010

And All Up That Comes To... How Much?!?

No bones about it wargaming is an expensive hobby.  More expensive than a lot of us would probably like to admit.  Especially when you start a new genre or gawd forbid: a new scale.  I've been a 28mm man most of my gaming life so over time I've amassed a nice collection of terrain, scenery and all the odds and bobs that go into an enjoyable gaming experience.  My foray into 10mm was, initially with Warmaster years ago and more recently with Blitzkrieg Commander, was hampered by lack of any terrain in that scale.

So here I at at a point where I have most of the basics covered: trees, hills, hedges and buildings.  I was thinking that maybe all I really needed now was some roads and a few stone walls.  Then Squadron Leader Blanchett sent me this photo below.  His intent was to show me the sweet sweet bocage but all I could see was: telegraph lines.

"I need me some of them" I thought to myself.  I could make them I suppose but they look fiddly and they'd probably break too easily.  I'll just buy some then. so at lunch today I started trawling eBay and hobby sites.  I found some at roughly $12 for a pack of 12.

I was almost about to order some when I stopped and went through the need/want/afford process (see Vicki I can show some form of self restraint). 
I don't really need these but they will definitely add character to the table and so I want them.  I can afford them and I don't really think I can make them any cheaper.  And these being made of plastic means that they'll be able to survive the rough environment of the wargaming table.

So I ordered them (ok I know my restraint needs some work).  But this does raise a valid point: when does the value of time outweigh the value of money?  I could probably get all the terrain and scenics I need for a game table tomorrow if money wasn't an issue and alternatively I could save a bit of cash by making everything myself.

I guess it all comes down to priorities.  This year I'd like to spend more time at the game table than the painting table and so I'm spending less time than I would normally painting figures and probably a little more money on terrain and accessories than I would have in the past.

I suppose the real question I should be asking myself is "how much am I willing to spend?"  So in turn I throw the question out to you my readers "how much would you spend getting into a new scale or system?"  Not including the cost of the figures themselves but including any terrain, accessories, rulebooks etc.


  1. thin square dowel or balsa, crossbar milliput for conductors. paint.

    you sure you couldnt do em cheaper yourself?

  2. Recently I found myself getting into new systems, but they all fall either into the "add some bits" category (own most of the figures, just some bits here and there including scenery missing) and the "skirmish game" category, which is usually cheaper on the figs but heavy on the scenery.

    Painting is the main reason. I've got too much to paint, so if I dive into something new, I want to get it done in a relatively short time. Also, overseas shipping is one thing that keeps me building the scenery myself. Rulebooks, I prefer to buy from people who make PDFs, though that's not always possible (thank god for THW, Ganesha, and Ambus Alley).

    I won't say the hobby is cheap for me. Not even close. But I have to accept we could do a lot worse.

    And in any case, look at that picture. Beautiful figures, marvelous bocage and trees, and paper buildings! That's how you do it :D

  3. Model railroad shops have them too!