Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Terrain: 10mm Hedges

Only having finished making some hedges for my 28mm WW2 minis I realised I'll need some for my 10mm minis too... *sigh*.  Well the having learnt a thing or two through making the big stuff I set myself some goals with these ones:
  1. They have to be quick to make.  I'll lose interest otherwise and they'll sit somewhere half finished for months.  My wife will not approve.
  2. They won't need to be basedMaybe, won't know for sure about this but I'll make them without bases and see how they fare on the table.  They'll be dunked in glue/paint, flocked and then sprayed so hopefully they'll have enough weight to sit still on the table.  If not then I'll just buy some 0.5mm/1.0mm plasticard and use that.
  3. I'll need lots of it.  Sadly, in this case at least, 10mm allows for big battles and you can get more of it on a 6x4 table so in turn you need a lot more terrain.  Besides, you've seen photos of Western Europe right?  Hedges, hedgerows and bocage everywhere.
Step One
Grey or dark grey foam is an absolute must as starting point.  I won't have to paint it and if any does show through, and it will, then it will be darker than the flock and add a little depth.

I cut strips and used a knife to rough up the surface a little, pick away at it too making sure to get rid of any straight edges and flat surfaces.  I wasn't being too careful here.

While doing this make sure that the hedges aren't bigger than the container you have your flock in.  I didn't do this with the 28mm stuff and it was a massive hassle.

Step Two
Add water, white glue/hobby glue/mdf glue (anything water soluble) and paint.  I used as sponge dabber brush (?)  to mix up as it makes it easier to get stuff off the bottom of the container if it settled.

Step 3
Make sure your storage tray is right next to the dipping and flocking trays... I learnt this the hard way.

The finished hedge, maybe 15min from start to finish and I'm really happy with the end result.  Now I just have to make more... a lot more.


  1. Great stuff, if you are interested in publishing this at our wargaming site Librarium Online, let me know ;)

  2. was contemplating the same thing for me this week..GMTA.

    for walls.. I was thinking about trowelling on pummicey stuff them impressing a brush to get an ars length "brick" effect.

  3. Hi Tim, where did you get the foam from?