Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Many Bothans Died To Bring Us This Information...

I've almost settled on a basing scheme I'm happy with... almost.  I'll give it a few games and make my mind up after I get some feedback.  Besides the materials have cost almost nothing so far ($1.15 by my rough calculations).
The bigger and more immediate problem at hand is, as it is for all wargamers, is storage.  My SW minis are currently in boxes scattered between the study, the shed and Gork know where.  As luck would have it there were some boxes being thrown out at work, boxes of boxes actually, that would fit a couple platoons of miniatures each, I'll have those thankyou very much.  So I've started to the long process of finding, sorting and storing.

The bases got their coat of sand tonight and once the glue dries a little I'll give them a wash of brown ink and they should be ready for drybrushing and flocking tomorrow night.

It's too cold to make more bases tonight so I'll start tidying up the bases of the Clone Troopers.  I'm making a huge effort not to start touching up the paintwork on these minis.  I will do it, eventually, but right now I have better things to spend my time on than what shade of white looks best on a Snowtrooper helmet.

Huge dilemma: which era and location to game in first?  Clone Wars era troopers vs droids or go classic era and somehow decide between Endor and Hoth?


Too many choices, too many cool minis.  Ain't it grand being a gamer :)

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