Monday, May 31, 2010

Supplies from eM4

An order of dice and bits from eM4 arrived this afternoon and was promptly put on the desk while I was busy with other things.

Everything came packaged in a padded bag with the contents all sorted in little ziplock bags which always helps with checking the goods vs the invoice vs the actual order.  Everything was present and accounted for in this case.

I ordered three lots of 20 x 10mm D6 in "Assorted Colours" and I'm pretty happy with the breakdown.  I got at least six of each colour (I know there is only five white dice pictured but one is being used for the photo below this one), the order even included some ivory and purple dice which aren't an option on their website.  The thought behind purchasing these dice is to use them as markers/counters for specific effects or statuses on the battlefield: suppressed, routing or horrified units.  The coloured die can be used simply as a coloured token but can also double as a hits/wound counter and so on.

Bag the Hun will probably get the most use of these dice.  The colour of the die on the base represents the ability of the pilot:
  • Yellow: Sprog
  • White: Regular
  • Blue: Veteran
  • Red: Jnr Ace
  • Black: Top Ace
I'll probably need to buy some more yellow and blue dice for the bigger games but I should have enough for a few games to see if the system works on the table as well as it looks on paper.

A comparison shot of the dice to give you and idea of size.  Left to right we have: Bloodbowl block die, a 12mm(?) die from the Warhammer/40K box sets, an eM4 10mm die followed lastly by an eM4 7mm die.

My dice box after adding in this lot.  I think we're going to need a bigger boat.

The 50mm round bases are a nice fit the 28mm prone Black Tree miniatures.  The MG-42 is a little snug but I don't want the base to be too big either so I think it's a good compromise.

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