Sunday, May 2, 2010

Warmaster - Empire vs Undead

Mick came over tonight and we managed to almost finish a game of Warmaster.  We're still discovering how to use each of the units effectively but this time I think we got the mechanics right for the most part.  There were a few occasions where we got ahead of ourselves and missed a phase but I'm pretty sure that with a good quick reference sheet we'll get those issues sorted.

We swapped forces this time with Mick playing the Undead and I the Empire.  Things started badly for the Empire with the Undead charging their cavalry into the flanks of my forces and scattering some knights, crossbowmen and flagellants.  Quite reminiscent of last time when Mick rode two units of knights through the heart of my army.  By turn three we had out massed lines of infantry and archers lined up in the middle of the table when we realised that all the skirmishes on the flanks had met the 7 unit break point of my army.

Three things became apparent from the game:
  1. It is a heck of a lot of fun and flows really well know that we're starting to get the system worked out.
  2. I need to finish painting the minis, especially the Empire commander who managed to successfully order a hellblaster, two cannons and a unit of pistoleers to wheel about and lay waste to an oncoming horde of undead.
  3. I really need a green table mat.
I'm so impressed with how the 10mm stuff looks on the table.  My kitchen table isn't that big and by game table standards it's probably too small for Warhammer but in 10mm it was just right.  With a green mat, some fantasy period buildings and fully painted armies the table will just look fantastic.

Anyway I'm off to the Pendraken website, I need to order some Halflings to base up as Empire skirmishers.

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