Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Droids, Clone Troopers and... Grubs?

Ebay delivered some more Star Wars minis today.  Mostly droids and Clone Troopers, I have another 20 Clone Troopers on the way too so I think I've got just about enough of them.  Wouldn't mind a few more droids though, especially those nasty droidekas.

More droids with some of the cool rocket battles droids and two of the crack shot battle droid assassins.  Also some super battle droids, you can never have too many super battle droids.

To help even things up a little there's some heavy duty firepower for the clone troopers.  Some heavy clone troopers and some clone trooper grenadiers.  Note the later period clone troopers in the back left.

I never knew clone troopers rode grubs.  And now that I do know I still don't understand why.  But the mini is pretty cool looking even if somewhat strange.

A very nice looking chameleon droid.

To lead the clone troopers who else could I turn to but Aayla Secura.  Need to sort the light saber out.  Just have to remember to keep the clone troopers in front of her at all times.  Order 66... nasty business.

And to lead the bad guys I just had to have Darth Sidius

Like I mentioned earlier I have another lot of clone troopers coming as well as these scum:
Don't know how they'll fit into Star Wars Commander games but they're so cool I'll just have to find a way.

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  1. I've never seen a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Nice score. :)