Friday, July 9, 2010

15mm Skirmish Terrain

One thing that rears up every time you start a new scale is the issue of terrain.  Sure I already have some stuff that would work ok but most of what I have will be out of period or slightly too big (28mm) or too small (10mm).  Luckily most of my buildings are pdf/cardstock so all I need to do is reprint them at the appropriate scale.  I’ll wait until my miniatures arrive before I make any decisions about trees and hedges (I’ve made enough of them lately anyway).

The one thing I can start on now though is the terrain boards.  Just about all the skirmish games I play recommend an area of 60cm square (2 feet in the old measurement). 

So the plan it to make a 60cm game board with a raised lip that holds the boards in place and rogue dice on the table.  Simple enough and shouldn’t cost much to make.  The only dilemma I have is what size should I make the terrain boards?  Option 3 (30x30cm squares) offers the most flexibility but there’s more “join lines”.  I’m not sure if this will affect the aesthetics of the board.  I’ll flock all the boards so that should help hide the joins but they’ll still be noticeable.


I’ll probably go with option 1 to start with and have a river flow through one corner of the board.  I’ve always wanted to make some river sections so this will be good practice.

Alright then I’m off to Bunnings.

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