Saturday, July 10, 2010

Building the Skirmish Table

After a trip to Bunnings I was ready to start building the skirmish table.  The plan originally was to make the table 600mm square but the materials I got were already pre cut to 600x900mm and 900mm long respectively.  I really didn’t want to make any extra work for myself and decided to leave the board as is.  The extra space will come in handy for 28mm skirmish games.  Besides the lengths of pine were exactly the same length as the particle board.  Not surprising since they’re supposed to be 900mm long but a lot of the MDF stuff from Bunnings is often 4-5mm larger in any given direction.

BuildingTheSkirmishTable01 BuildingTheSkirmishTable02

The lengths timber of timber came with a useful but annoying watermark that needed to be sanded off first.  Three of these were really easy to do but the last one must have taken a good 15 minutes worth of sanding to remove it.


The first side is on, wood glue and three bugle screws should keep it in place.


The lip around the edge looks high in the shot below but once a terrain board is in place it only sticks up about a centimetre or so.

BuildingTheSkirmishTable05 BuildingTheSkirmishTable06

Almost done, each of the short sides are also screwed into the end of the long sides to give the corners extra strength.  When this is done you’ll be able to pick up and carry the board by the edges without worry of them breaking free.


The two holes are so you can poke up from below to help remove terrain boards once they’re in place.

BuildingTheSkirmishTable08 BuildingTheSkirmishTable09

I would have stained the edges and sealed the particle board but the weather today was terrible.  I’ve got a few pieces of particle board and MDF laying around so look at getting some terrain boards made up soon.

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