Friday, July 9, 2010

What? Another Scale… in Another Period

Yep, 15mm and Napoleonic's.  I’ve had the rules for Ganesha Game’s Song of Drums and Shakos (SDS) for a while now and had neither any miniatures or interested opponents.  I’d get a bit of attention at the club when I’d mention Napoleonics but I’d always lose them when I mention that SDS was a skirmish game.  Apparently that’s a dirty word in the Nap community.

Anyway when Mick mentioned an interest in the game I jumped to it and ordered some miniatures.  We eventually went down the 15mm path for a few reasons:

  • Price: cheap, nuff said.
  • Availability: there is just so many manufacturers to choose from.
  • Small usually means easier to paint.
  • Smaller playing area (and less terrain), maybe 3 feet square for most games.
  • Mick already had some.

So I did a little reading, did some thinking and placed and order with Eureka Miniatures.

1812 Russians

1 x Mounted officer
3 x Musketeer/Jager, advancing
3 x Musketeer/Jager, firing and loading
2 x Musketeer/Jager, march attack
1 x Standard bearer (senior NCO)
1 x Musketeer drummer
2 x Kurassier, charging
2 x Kurassier
1 x Kurassier officer

Peninsula British

1 x Rifle officer
1 x Rifle bugler
3 x Rifleman, skirmishing
3 x Rifleman, marching at trail
1 x Mounted officer
1 x Highland piper
1 x Highland infantry officer
2 x Highland infantry centre company, marching, shoulder arms
2 x Highland flank company, skirmishing

I was going to get some cavalry for the British but they’re really just my second army and when I say these guys I just had to get some.

B24 B27

Can’t wait for these to arrive, and being just a few hours down the road I should get them mid next week.  Which should give me time to get them cleaned up and based ready for painting next weekend.

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  1. Cool! I never really got into the Napolionics due to the size of the armies and the fact that I am a poor and very slow painter Oh and easily distracted.... As I said in a previous comment I'm all for skirmish games.