Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dave Graffam Buildings – Split Ruin Part 2

Spent a little more time on the split ruin this morning and it just keeps looking better.  I eventually settled on using cardstock for the roof and it looks better than I thought.  It helped that on this model you fold the roof over so it is actually two sheets of cardstock thick.  I’ll have to do that with all the buildings I think.

Here’s a few shots of the building assembled and based.

GraffamSplitRuin13 GraffamSplitRuin14

GraffamSplitRuin15 GraffamSplitRuin16


I’ve added a little bit of sawdust, pebbles and wood chips to add a little 3D rubble.  The rubble on the artwork is great and won’t get in the way of the miniatures so I’ll leave that alone.


Working on the wrecked house now while waiting for the glue to set on this one to dry.  Tonight I’ll start painting the edges of the MDF and give the rubble a grey/black paint/wash and then tomorrow night I’ll look at flocking the rest of the base.  If I’m feeling adventurous enough and I’m not too tired from work I’m thinking of putting a little stone wall near the side door, we’ll see.

These Dave Graffam buildings really are the business.  They’re simple to build, look good and still allow you to get your hobby groove on what’s not to love?


  1. Great stuff...I really like how you've tackled these pieces!

  2. They look fantastic.

    I look forward to see these in person in the hopefully near future.

    Good for WW2, WW1, Mordheim and more...etc

  3. @Botwt
    It's nice to have a project finally turn out pretty much as I'd imagined it. A lot of my terrain pieces are usually off the cuff type experiments.

    Mordheim, ooh I never thought of that. Hmmmm I was only going to make 5-6 of these... but now I'll need a whole city!

    Now where are those Skaven? Oh and of course I'll need another warband, Empire?, Chaos?, Both?

    Oh Mr Bennett what have you done?