Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dave Graffam Buildings – Wrecked House Part 1

While waiting for the glue to dry on the split ruin building I started working on the wrecked house.  This build was a lot faster than the previous one, so fast in fact that I found myself waiting for glue to dry on this building.


While the column supports were optional in the previous build they’re really needed in this one.  Not so much for the strength in my case but to actually hold the floor in place while I drill and pin it to the walls.  The cardstock columns looked too fiddly to muck around with so I drug out the ever useful balsa wood.


Two 6.5mm strips back to back, cut to length and then glue to the floor.  I gave the glue on the floor fifteen minutes and then glue on the upper floor.  I was happy enough with the results that I added two to the other building too.  An inkwash and a light drybrush should do the job when it’s all dried.

GraffamWreckedHouse03 GraffamWreckedHouse04

A couple shots to give you and idea of the size of the wrecked house.

GraffamWreckedHouse05 GraffamWreckedHouse06

While waiting for glue to dry elsewhere I added a few bits of rubble here and there.

GraffamWreckedHouse07 GraffamWreckedHouse08

After all the construction so far there’s about a third of the MDF sheet left, which may be enough for the tower and ruined cottage.


But even working on three buildings per $5 sheet we’re only talking about $1.66 per building.  Not too shabby at all.


  1. The sawdust really looks sharp...very cool effect! :)

  2. Nicly done.