Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dave Graffam Buildings

Just picked up some Dave Graffam buildings from Wargame Vault and I’m aiming to get a couple of these built over the coming fortnight.  Most come with single and multi layer variants so they give you plenty of scope for variations and should suit just about any period from fantasy to napoleonics right through to WW2 and beyond.  And at around $5 AUS per building they’re great value.

My plan is to build these using 3-6mm MDF for the walls and floors, the roofs I may just leave as cardstock.  Haven’t entirely decided yet and I’m sure to change my mind part way through construction.  What really caught my attention is that the buildings look functional at least for 15mm and 28, I think they’ll look awesome at 10mm scale but they’ll be much to small to hold a stand of infantry.

But one thing is certain that the strength and durability combined with the amazing artwork should leave me with some sweet gaming terrain. 

Ruined Cottage: www.davesgames.net, www.wargamevault.com.

gallery-ruined-cottage-exterior gallery-ruined-cottage-interior

Split Ruin: www.davesgames.net, www.wargamevault.com.

gallery-split-ruin-exterior gallery-split-ruin-interior

Tower Ruin: www.davesgames.net, www.wargamevault.com.

gallery-tower-ruin-exterior gallery-tower-ruin-interior

Wrecked House: www.davesgames.net, www.wargamevault.com.

gallery-wrecked-house-exterior-01 gallery-wrecked-house-interior-01

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