Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gutshot Action Slips

Gutshot went down rather well with the guys from the club and but two things kept it from flowing as smooth as it could have: firstly I hadn’t read the rules as well as I should have and spent quite a while looking things up, especially hand to hand combat.  Secondly we were using plain playing cards for the action deck and each character was assigned a number and took an action when their card was turned over.  This led to a lot of “so who’s 7” and “didn’t 4 die last turn?

Every time we played I’d say “look I’ll make up some cards with photos of the miniatures and this won’t be a problem next time”… and for whatever reason I wouldn’t make the cards.

Well now I have.

Gutshot Cards Gutshot Cards2

I’ve got another 9 miniatures I need to paint before I can make cards for those, for now though this 12 should suffice.  I need to start basing all the cardstock buildings as some of them are starting to distort.

Miniatures and terrain… check.  Action cards and tokens… check.  Read the rules… check.  Time for a Gutshot campaign methinks.

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  1. How is Gutshot? I've been interested, but never pursued it.
    The cards look great BTW! :)