Monday, August 30, 2010


I picked up a copy of Wessex Game’s Tusk today with the idea of playing it in a galaxy far far away.


My idea is to use the Victorian science fiction variant of the game to recreate Tusken Raider hunts.  I’ve got more than I need of these guys for skirmishing and a couple of these guys below would make fantastic replacements for the mammoths and dinosaurs found in the rules.


Nexu YoungKraytDragon

I’ll have a look online in all the usual places and in the meantime the kids have a few dinosaur and elephant toys the Tusken raiders can hunt until something more appropriate turns up.


  1. You know when you see something online that makes you want to run and paint and build and play, something completely unrelated to anything you've been doing?

    Ok, maybe you do. We all do. Happens all the time.

    Well, this post crosses the line. I had to really fight the urge to literally jump at the rules, and go ebay hunting for these figures. The fight was tough, but I believe my eyes will be looking for funny SW beasties any time I pass near a game shop now.

  2. *Sorry*

    It happens all the time with me. I read a blog and then then *bam* I find myself looking at a shopping cart asking for credit card details. I usually manage to control myself at this point by asking myself WWMWS?*

    *What Will My Wife Say?

    Tusk has been on my "just buy me dammit" list for a while now and when I made the Tusken raider connection then all resistance just melted away.

    I ordered some SW critters last night and paid a little more than I wanted but less than I expected so it all evens out... right?

  3. And they come already painted. So no unfinished stuff there... right?

    "These are not the excuses you're looking for"

  4. Hey Tim, great idea and look forward to seeing how this project takes off. I've been aware of Tusk for many years and had always wanted to get a copy. Well, your post finally prompted me to also download these rules today.

  5. Great idea. The SW beasts are a wonderful choice (I might have to pinch my sons).

  6. I stole my son's years go for SF Gladiator arena battles!

  7. Looking forward to seeing how you mix everything together! :)