Monday, August 23, 2010

Works in Progress?

I’ve got so many projects on the go at the moment I feel I need to make a list of where everything is at in an attempt to work out where my time should be best spent.

So in no particular order here I go:

15mm Napoleonic Skirmish

I’ve got the Russians painted but I need to finish them off with a wash and a varnish.  Haven’t done anything with the British.  Need some terrain too.  Song of Drums and Shakos is a little particular about the terrain quantity and size so I’ll need to sort that out first.

28mm WW2

Where I’m spending most of my time at the moment.  A day or two of painting should finish most of the Germans and British I’ve already started.  I’ve got a platoon each of US Airborne and German Fallschirmjagers that haven’t even got an undercoat yet.  A couple infantry guns, anti tank guns and a Flakvierling are in various stages of (dis)assembly and painting.  The terrain is eating up most of my time here but the results are looking promising.  Sick kids and general laziness have stalled any progress this weekend.

10mm WW2

Haven’t touched the Pendraken stuff in a while.  Probably not a huge amount to finish painting here, maybe 20 stands or so (they paint up quickly).  I just need to finish off the bases on the stuff I have painted.  I’m happy with the terrain I’ve done for this so far.  I need to get a decent table mat, I’m looking at the Euro Fields one from Hotz Mats.  Could use it for 28mm too, the flip side of it is plain green which is also useful.  I should just buy one but I might make a trip to the fabric store and see what I can find first.

28mm Western Skirmish

Not much to do here really… sort of.  Most of the minis are painted up.  Enough for five of us to play with a heap of opponents to shoot at.  I have the Hotz Mat which is great.  The cardstock buildings are starting to warp which is not surprising but disappointing.  To fix these I going to add balsa wood guides and mount them onto MDF.  This means I won’t be able to stack them for storage anymore but it will allow for some little details to be added to the bases.

28mm Superheroes

I really need to get this on the table more.  The kids are asking me to play a lot and I keep putting it off because I don’t have the right terrain and the minis aren’t based yet.  I plan to resolve the basing issues this week and just playing with what I have terrain wise right now.  I’ve got plans on making some Gotham City rooftop terrain tiles but I won’t start that for fear of stalling the WW2 terrain even more.  Batman will just have to chase The Joker through a ruined European Village for a few episodes.  Then again I could just get the HeroClix maps laminated and use those for a while.  May even be able to simplify the game for the kids by using the grid rather than measuring… hmmm I’ll have to think about that one for a while.

28mm Star Wars/Sci-fi

This is another blank slate where all I have are the rules and some miniatures.  Although like the superheroes I could use the Star Wars Miniatures maps to start with and the 1” squares may prove useful there too.  There’s also the 28mm mass combat rules I started based on Blitzkrieg Commander.  It’s playable but I need to make some more bases and build more terrain and lots of it.

1/600 Aircraft

It’s been ages since I got my aircraft onto the table.  There’s a heap of aircraft to paint up yet and I haven’t even touched the US and Japanese aircraft.  All I need are some magnets and a good weekend at the painting table.  And as much as I love my hex map, it is getting harder to roll it out flat after being in storage for so long.  Maybe I could get the Euro Fields matt printed double sided with a 1.5” hex pattern on the other side, more expensive but twice as useful.


Considering the amount of money I’ve spend in these minis I really need to get them on the table soon.

And Everything Else

Doctor Who, Song of Blades and Heroes, Fear and Faith, Bloodbowl, Dungeonbowl, Mud and the Blood, Modern Aircraft… oh the list goes on.

So What To Do About It?

The 28mm WW2, Superheroes and Sci-fi skirmish are equally vying for my time at the moment.  So in order of priority* based on:

  • How much time/effort/money is required to get it on the table.
  • How long it has been since I promised my kids we’d actually play or play again.
  • How interested I am in playing.
  • How interested everyone else is in playing.

* subject to change at any given moment.

It goes something like this:

  1. 28mm WW2 Skirmish
  2. Supers
  3. Western Skirmish
  4. 10mm WW2
  5. Star Wars/Sci-fi

The rest of the list gets too hard from here on in.  The top three are pretty much focused on terrain building and once I get the majority of the WW2 stuff knocked over I can see me working on a few pieces of each at any given time.

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