Monday, September 13, 2010

Ee Chee Wa Maa!

Two more parcels of Star Wars miniatures arrived today, woo hoo!!!

LatestStarWars01 LatestStarWars02

The first lot was from a trade on Wargamer AU, mostly droids and a few droid tanks but it also contained a few beasties.  Notably were the rat and cat like creatures in front of the walker like droid.  I think they’ll do for “dog” replacements in Tusk-en.


The second parcel was a combination of two eBay hauls.  A mixed lot of pretty much every era and faction.  What was really surprising was the size of the beasties… they’re huge! And these are only considered their mid range sized miniatures - the Reek is bigger.  I think we’re going to need a bigger boat!

LatestStarWars04 LatestStarWars05

A better shot to show how big these things are, the Rebel trooper and his little furry friend stand no chance.


I’ve got enough to play Tusk-en now, and with the last couple purchases I should also have enough to field a platoon or three each of Clone Troopers and Droids so I expect something to start happening with Star Wars Commander soon too.


  1. Man I can´t wait for some Tusk-en action. I have to live this through you, you know.

  2. Well who am I to deny anyone from some Tusk-en action? I'll try to get a game in after running tonight.

  3. Hw did the game go? Inquiring Man Caves need to know!!!