Saturday, September 11, 2010

Flying Lead

I’m still waiting for my Star Wars beasties to arrive from eBay and trades.  Sadly I’ve only managed to get one Reek for the Tusken Raiders to hunt, so I’ll have to just buy some more after the credit card to settles down.  I did manage to score a handful of smaller beasties though so Tusk-en will get played at some point soon.  In one of the trades I managed to pick up a crab droid, some Corporate Alliance Tank Droids and a Commerce Guild Homing Spider Droid.  They’ll add some punch to the droid forces and help to even things out when the Jedi are on the table.

In the mean time I’ve been playing some games of Fantastic Worlds with the Star Wars minis I do have.  The game is very good but the one area that is frustrating me is the amount of time it takes to convert the stats over from the Star Wars Miniatures system.  Now to be fair it’s my fault as there are just so many wonderful options in Fantastic Worlds that it seems a shame to do just a basic conversion.  The combat system also slows down with 20-30 miniatures on the table.

So I finally gave in and picked up a copy of Flying Lead from Ganesha Games.

FL Historical cover

Flying Lead is based on the Song of Blades and Heroes (SoBH) system which I’ve had plenty of fun with and we’ve also started playing their Naopleonic rules Song of Drums and Shakos.  What attracted me to Flying Lead is that is builds on the simplicity of SoBH and adds in rules for modern weapons, vehicles and morale (among others).  They also provide some online weapon, vehicle and squad builders which make converting the Star Wars statistics an absolute breeze.

So with after going through the rulebook and spending an hour or two with the squad builders I was able to come up with this:

FL-Star Wars CoverI’ll play a few games this weekend and post some battle reports.  I’ll also post the stats for the miniatures once I’m happy with them.

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  1. Hi Tim, some thread necromancy here....I've followed a couple of links here concerning the FL Star Wars amendments, I've started my own Star Wars Project and intend to use the FL rules following good reviews. Could I possibly trouble you for a copy of your ammendments and suggestions for using FL for Star Wars. My project can be found at Cheers