Saturday, September 18, 2010

Project: Man Cave

It’s school holidays once again and I've got two weeks off to look after the Younglings.  As with any extended period of time at home I have some handyman (and I use this term loosely) projects I need to finish.  These holidays are no exception but I also have a *queue dramatic music* new project.


We built our house almost three years ago now and at the time we got power run to the shed.  The plan was to get lights and power points put in and make it a quasi storage workshop.  Well we’ve managed the storage part of the plan, albeit poorly done.


So the shed needs a clean out, a clean up and sorting out.  All before Monday…

Quickly thinking of as many excuses as I could not to do this when my wife mentioned that once it was cleaned up I could move all my gaming stuff (she used a different word) out there.  I was about to object when the thought hit me: man cave.

Now I know she’s only dangling the “gaming shed” as a proverbial carrot in the hopes that I’ll actually start and finish a project in the same holiday period.  And damn her she’s right, I’ll work alright.

There’s a huge chunk of my youth hidden away in the last photo:

  • all my novels, books and comics
  • a 2,000+ CD collection
  • a sizable collection of old-school RPG’s
  • a lounge suite
  • a couple of tables
  • every gaming console known to man
  • an 80cm flat screen TV

What a good start for the man cave.

Of course this will be a great incentive to finish off the arcade cabinet I’ve been building for the last 5 or 6 years.


  1. MAME cabinet ftw! It's still the dream...

  2. MAN CAVE!!! Its hard, sweaty work setting one up. But when you crack that first beer in there....its all worth it!


  3. You know, just drop in a wall AC unit when your done and you will have all the man comforts of home (TV , video games, RPGs, miniatures and the mini fridge full of beer)...all in your shed. :)

    Cannot wait to see it all finished up!