Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stupid Good Incursion Deal


Well you’ve gone and done it now Tas… you just waltz in and blog about Incursion without a care of the impact it will have on the rest of us.  But I held fast and I resisted the temptation…

Until now that is.

Damn Grindhouse Games have a Stupid Good Deal going where you get the game and one each of the Allied and German starter packs for $100US.  Postage was a shock at $44US but I guess these things are heavy.  It’s crazy but it still works out cheaper than buying them locally, $300AUS retail and on sale for $240 AUS at MilSims without postage.

First 25 orders also get an additional 6 Sturmzombies and a pair of Bomberzombies, I so hope I was quick eneough.

I was tempted to pick up some of their resin terrain pieces but I figured I could make them myself and I’d already spent enough.  I may be their kind of stupid but I’m still smart enough to know I’ll have to explain this purchase to my wife.

The Game Itself

According to www.incursiongame.com the game contains:

  • Rigid two piece box covered in art
  • Glossy 28 page rulebook
  • Card rules summary/playsheet
  • 4 sheets of two-sided heavy-duty die cut pieces (132 total) including counters, doors and stand-ups for all models that might potentially be used in the game.
  • Super Heavy duty two-sided six-fold game board
  • 86 cards including the full deck of battle and all model cards in multiples where appropriate.
  • 3 black dice
  • 36 black plastic stand-up holders for doors and “models”
  • Vac-formed plastic holding tray
  • More fun than you can shake a stick at!

Now on to the really cool bits, the US APE suits.

Allied Starter Pack



German Starter Pack


Ilsa Von X, Gretel Von X, Hans, and the Blitzhund.


6 Sturmzombies


2 Bomberzombies

I just have to wait for it to arrive now.  So while I’m waiting anyone have a good idea on how I tell my wife?  Any suggestions at all, guys… guys?


If you don’t hear from me for a while send help.

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  1. Good man - we need more stout chaps like you hunting these Nazi horrors in the dark!

    And when it comes to informing SHMBO...well...theres just no easy way unfortunately. Mine still talks about me getting pace Hulk last year. And I really did just go in for two paint pots.

    So you arent alone my friend!