Thursday, September 23, 2010

Zombies from the Maelstrom

Sadly I missed out on getting the extra zombies for Incursion and six zombies in the German starter just won’t be enough.  I don’t mind using proxies or even card standees occasionally but if I’m going to play a zombie miniatures boardgame then I want zombie miniatures.

So once again Tas from The Man Cave kindly guided (misguided*) me to have a look at Maelstrom Games in the UK where I ordered these:


Got them for about $30 and they offer FREE INTERNATIONAL POSTAGE to any order over £10.  Now that’s such a ridiculously low threshold that any order should just get free postage.

I’ll be able to use these guys for other games like All Things Zombie, Hell on Earth or even Fear and Faith.  When they get here that is, oh the wait is killing me.

* Legal disclaimer required by Wife Law.


  1. * Legal disclaimer required by Wife Law" - hilarious!!!
    Maelstrom are defintely a great source for stuff - I've used them for Flames of War and Army painter stuff at a fraction of the AUS retail.

  2. Disclaimer understood - I use a similar one :-)