Friday, October 29, 2010


I’ve been bitten by the board game bug lately, or is it a case of war game burnout?  I don’t know for sure but the concept of a game in a box is very appealing at the moment.  So in continuation of this trend I picked up a copy of Carcassonne by Rio Grande Games.pic166867

It’s a tile game where players earn points by placing randomly drawn tiles to build cities, roads and farms.  Very simple concept with very addictive gameplay.


My eldest (eight) picked up the game in under 5 minutes and by the end of the first game had most of the basic tactics down.

The first of our two games tonight was much closer with me winning by a mere point.  During our second game it seemed like he had forgotten how to play and was starting cities everywhere but not finishing any of them.  When I questioned him about it he replied “It’s ok Dad I know what I’m doing”.  In the latter part of the game he joined them all up into an uber 17 tile city with 5 heralds (totalling a whopping 44 points it beat my current score on it’s own) and to add insult to injury he had placed farmers in strategic places to not only gain points from his cities but most of mine as well.

After totalling his points it was obvious there was no need to count mine, I was owned.

I’m so proud.


  1. I've been tempted to get this game, always looking for cool new board games to play. I might just finally have to pick this up. :)

  2. Love this game - great for family time....but I rarely win anymore!

    For example, my daughter once built this town:

    Great stuff!