Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Incursion Zombies

I came home to find some zombies in the meter box.  Usually I just hate that, but these were the ones I ordered from Maelstrom.

SoTRzombies01The amount of duplicate miniatures in the package isn’t too bad considering the amount that you get.  A bit of creative painting and the “Seperate Head System” that Westwind use should make it easy to create some unique looking zombies.

SoTRzombies02 SoTRzombies03

The quality of the scuplts are impressive with some very classic “zombie” like poses.  The casting process has left a fair bit of flash that needs trimming.  Most of it should be easily rubbed off with a blade with only a few miniatures needing a cut and file.  The heads look like they’ve got decent sized necks to join them to the bodies so a bit of superglue should be all that is needed to stick them on.  Pinning them would probably be overkill and very time consuming.  These are the first miniatures I’ve bought that have the rolled shoulder type bases and I have to say that I love them!

SoTRzombies04 SoTRzombies05

I tried them on the Black Tree stuff and they look incredible.  For a while I’ve had the feeling these miniatures were missing “something” but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.  So off I went to eM4’s website and placed an order for 100 of the 30mm and 10 each of the 40mm and 50mm rolled shoulder bases.  Best of all is that the washer bases I’ve used for the miniatures fit nicely into the recess on the bases so rebasing them should just be a case of a drop or two of glue.  The metal washer bases won’t have been wasted though as I plan to get some small (4-5mm) cube magnets and paint them to be used as status markers for the various rule sets.

Standardising the bases of all my WW2 minis (28mm at least) should allow me to use the zombies in games like Hell on Earth or All Things Zombie, and likewise I should be able to use the Germans/British/US in games like Secrets of the Third Reich.  What’s that you say?  I don’t own Secrets of the Third Reich?  Well no, not yet I don’t :)

Since the rest of the Incursion stuff is likely to be arriving any day now I really should get cracking and start painting these zombies.


  1. Tim, I have a spare SotR book and its expansion Doomsday. I can give it to ya for cheap or as a trade. Only thing is I ship from Argentina.

    Let me know at doguipreacher at gmail dot com if you´re interested!

  2. Like those rolled shoulder bases eh? :)
    They really do make a miniature stand out...I've been very happy mounting the Star Wars minis to them, just wish I could base my LotR miniatures on them and still have them legal for tournament play.
    Great looking WWII miniatures...they really look sharp!