Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Painting the Incursion Miniatures – Day 1

I managed to get all the Incursion miniatures based last night and today I took an RDO and started painting.

IncursonPaintingDay1_01 IncursonPaintingDay1_02

Sorry there’s no close up photos as the lighting in the family room is pretty bad this time of the night and I’m too tired to set up elsewhere.  I spent most of the time on the zombies but I have managed to also get base coats on the Apes and Von-X’s.  The werewolf is the only one without any paint, but I still have two nights before they hit the table.  It’s been a while since I’ve done any serious painting and I’m pretty happy with the amount of paint I was able to slap down today: 37 minis has to be a new record for me.  I’ll be even more impressed if I can get them done before Saturday but so far I think I’m on track.


  1. Wow, 37 miniatures in one day is impressive! :)
    I personally hate batch painting, I get so bored after just a few minis. That's probably why the only army I have close to completed is my Shire army...each hobbit is different so it keeps me interested. I bottomed out on my Minas Tirith army because going with the silver armor made me completely mad and now I only do one at a time to save my sanity. :)

    Cannot wait to see some close ups!

  2. I mixed it up a bit by painting 5-6 zombies and then switching to one of the APE/German characters. Having the house to myself helped too, I managed to get through season three of Torchwood and gave the new Kamelot album a few spins without anyone asking me to turn it down (or more likely, "off").

    Gave myself a nasty "Tamiya headache" though.