Thursday, October 7, 2010

Secrets of the Angry Wife

I’m in so much trouble.  I knew I would be before I did it… but didn’t stop me though.  Dogui over at oMAD made me an offer I just couldn’t refuse and soon I’ll have both the 1949 - Secrets of the Third Reich rulebooks making their way to my gaming table.

wwd_str_ess_rbk_101_000_01_large wwd_str_ess_rbk_111_000_01_large

I’m excited but my wife won’t be… when she finds out.  I may have to move into the man cave for a while.  Hmm, maybe I should get the books delivered there instead.

Thanks Dogui - for the books that is, I can get into trouble all by myself.

WW2… with zombies AND werewolves AND mechs… really does it get any better?


  1. Good Man - maintain a stiff upper lip dear chap!

    And check out the plastic German zombies I just posted to the Man cave - affordability in mass!

  2. Good for you! No worries, if you didn't get in trouble for this, you'd get in trouble for something else so what the hell right?
    Have fun and post some goodies for us!

  3. Let's hope that if you do get banished to the man cave that it is stocked with enough beer and snacks to hold you over till the wife recovers from your spending spree. :)