Saturday, November 13, 2010

Not Exactly Gaming Related…

It’s been pretty quiet on the gaming front for a while now and it’s largely due to me just being too buggered.  It’s not a lack of motivation, it’s this:

Just imagine the little kid as a 30 something white guy with no co-ordination…

It’s only taken me 29 years to release my inner “Larusso” but I’ve finally started to learn Karate.  It’s a hell of a lot fun and a hell of a lot of hard work.  So for the next couple weeks I probably won’t be posting too much as I’ll likely be curled up in the foetal position waiting for the Deep Heat to do it’s magic.

It didn’t help the nerves that I was put in a beginners class where I’m twice the age of all the other students combined.  Neither did punching myself in the ear… twice.

Hopefully they’ll teach me the crane kick next week…

Or maybe even that drum technique…


  1. Tim, you hit yourself in the ear twice!?! Please tell me it was with some weapon and not your own fist. :)

    I am envious of your I can muster out of my 40 year old body is to get the leaves off the lawn...I miss the days of being able to play hockey. :)

  2. Sadly it was my fist.

    In my defence you are supposed to bring your elbow up to eye level and end up with your closed fist right next to your ear. I was going great when doing it slowly but when asked to do "the best you can"...

  3. LOL, not to laugh at your misfortune, but it sounds exactly like something I would have done too. :)

  4. Good on you mate - I'm in the same boat but started a few years ago. I can confirm that the pain fades and its very rewarding as you see yourself improve. Keep it up and listen to Sensei!