Sunday, November 18, 2012

I Feel... Kinda Funny

My order from Zepnix arrived on Friday, I know I should be all excited and I am... sort of.  So as not to turn this post into an epic novel here's the rundown in brief:
  • Obtained permission to buy my own Xmas gift this year, wooo!
  • Made many lists and eventually ordered some Warlord US Paratrooper and Fallschirmjager boxes and blisters.
  • Next day I added in a copy of Bolt Action as a "for me now" purchase, to save postage.
  • Next day again I added in the order dice, unnecessary but useful and look nice.
  • Then I realise I really needed a couple more MG-34 and MG-42 teams for a game next weekend so I added in a Warlord Late War German box set.
The the darnedest thing happened when my wife saw me trying to work out what to take out now and what keep in the box for Xmas.  She "suggested" that I should just wait and leave it all in there for Xmas day... and you know what?  After a day of serious thought I packed everything* back into the box.  No seriously I really did.

I'm suprised and somewhat shocked... is this what "growing up" feels like?

* Well I did keep two blisters of 30mm bases out of the box as I really-really-really need those for next weekend.

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  1. Guess so - I recently did something similar. Not sure if its maturity or a growing sense of guilt!