Monday, November 26, 2012

So many little men!

I ran out of bases over the weekend and did a quick count of everything I have and will be getting on Xmas day and I was a little shocked: I need 206 bases!

The breakdown goes like this:

47 x German infantry (Black Tree, Warlord and other misc)
74 x Fallschirmjagers (Black Tree and Warlord)
84 x US Airborne (Black Tree, Warlord and other misc)
1 x Pulp/WWW2 Characters

Now obviously I won't be painting all these guys at once so I decided to order 100 bases and start working on the Fallschirmjagers.  With what's left over I'll paint up some of the German infantry as Waffen SS troops.

The game went well on the weekend with both Brendan and jame enjoying their first game of Disposable Heroes, or 28mm WW2 for that matter.  I took quite a few photos of the game but they all turned out oretty bad so I won't torture you with them.  The church is coming along nicely and was the focus point of the scenario even if most of the action took place in a ruined house across the street.

Sorry for all of these photo free posts lately I'll try to get some WIP shot of the church up later today or tomorrow.


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    1. Aw shucks, thanks. It's a good feeling to actually get these projects back on track. I have a nasty habit of diving into the deep end on a new project and it eventually becomes overwhelming so I burn out and give up.

      This time it will be completley different. Mostly. I hope.

      *crosses fingers*