Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Terrain: 28mm Wooden Fences - Part 1

As great as the table looked on the weekend it just needed a little more "something".  Not quite sure what that "something" is but I'm hoping some fences and telephone poles will get it there.

To start the fences I cut some 1.6mm balsa wood into 3cm strips of varying widths.  I intentionally cut them at varying widths and didn't make too much of an effort to cut straight.

Lots and lot of pailings.

I want my fence sections to be roughly 15cm long, I will probably make some shorter 5cm ones at a later time to give a little flexability when laying out terrain.

The frames were glued and left overnight to dry, only this morning did I notice the glue I used was a fast drying one and I could have continued building these last night... oh well.

15cm fence section frames.

With the dry frames it was simply a case of run a bead of glue alling the horizontal frames and start placing the pailings.  Again I wasn't too careful about how I placed the pailings and i think the angled ones and broken pailings add some character.  I had thought about adding bullet holes to the fence but I want to use these for fantasy games.  Maybe I'll make a section or two later with "modern damage".

A fence, now to base and paint them.

I'm going to pick some more balsa wood today to use as fence posts and then to base them on an mdf strip, add sand, flock and paint.


  1. Great start can't wait to see the finished product.

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  3. I'm turning into my mother- unable to throw anything away... BUT in my defense, I thought it sort of, kinda, maybe looked like grass.safety fence