Saturday, February 2, 2013

US Airborne, Roads and some Tanks

I haven't posted in a while, how unusual I can hear you all say, well I have been busy.  I've managed to get quite a lot done in between games of Bolt Action over the last few weeks.

US Airborne

Painting the Fallschirmjagers has slowed right down as I'm yet to figure out how to paint a good looking splinter camo so like all good wargamers I switched to another (easier) project.

A couple squads of US Airborne laying around in the sun.
So far I've managed to finish:
  • HQ Squad including (Lieutenant, Medic, Radioman and Forward Observer).
  • 2 Squads of 10 men including NCO, 2 Bar and a mix of SMG, Rifles and Carbines.
  • 30 Cal LMG team.
  • 50 Cal HMG team.
  • Sniper team (upright and prone).
  • Light Mortar team.
There's probably another 30 miniatures in various stages of completion which I'll probably get done this weekend (maybe *crosses fingers*).


Roads, I cut these out of 5mm MDF and glued sand onto them and then painted them with a latex paint.  Nice and easy, maybe and hours work all up.


I've got some "wobbly" river pieces cut out just waiting for some attention but I'm just trying to find and easy way of building the banks up a little so they don't look so flat.

Tanks and Vehicles

Just a teaser shot of the tanks I've finished: Sherman M4 Sherman, M4 Sherman 76mm, Stug III Ausf.B, Tiger I and a Warlord Sd.Kfz 250/1 Neu Halftrack.

I'll get some more photos of these up in the next couple days, but I must warn you now that the decals may not be accurate for a vehicle operating in North West Europe and the camouflage has been completely made up.

Anyway I'm off to go play another game of Bolt Action.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Crazy Thing Happened This Morning

A crazy thing happened this morning: I sat down to put together one of the model kits I've had laying around for a few years now and I just kept building.  Sure there were interruptions and I even had to shuttle my wife around for a few errands bet every time I came back to the kitchen I picked the glue back up and continued to stick stuff to other pieces of stuff.

This almost never happens but I'm glad it did. 

L to R: M4A3, M4 and the Pz. Kpfw K-V2

Both the M4 and M4A3 kits came with options for alternative turrets but the M4A3 came with enough parts to actually build both.   I haven't looked into what the differences between the two are (if any) but it never hurts to have options even if they are purely cosmetic.

I don't have any Bolt Action stats for the KV-2 but it shouldn't be too hard to translate something from Disposable Heroes or Victory Decision.

I've put quite a bit of paint on the Warlord minis and have even built some terrain pieces but haven't managed to take any photos of them, I'll try to get that corrected some time tomorrow.

Up next a Jagdpanther and a pair of Fw190's.