Saturday, July 4, 2009

Well You Ain't Got No Legs Lieutenant Dan...

My last order to Black Tree Design was a pretty big one, the only problem is that the box wasn't so big. Figures were densley packed and most were bent, few like the two below were so bent that they broke when attempting to straighten them out. Thankfully (?) the ankles were thin so the break was clean with virtually no distortion to the legs or feet.

Step 1 was to take my pin vice and a 1.0mm drill bit and carefully drill holes into the calf of each leg. I went in about 3-4mm deep which should give a nice surface for the superglue to cling to. You have to be careful when starting the holes, I slipped a few times starting each leg and once the drill bit slid up under my thumbnail! No blood or tearsbut there was more than a little bit of cursing.

Insert some 0.9mm wire, I find it easier to glue in pieces of wire around 1-1.5cm in length as they're a lot easier to handle.

Drilling on the second mini

The two completed stilt-men. Now onto the bases. Drill one leg first, fit the mini and find where the last big of wire wants to go. You need to be close but not exact, you can alway bend the wire to fit.

Test fitting the holes. I guffed this one up when drilling and the side of the hole tore away. Once glued in place I'll cover it over with a bit of green stuff.

Here they are glued and free standing on their own two legs.

I'm really happy with the result, especially since most of my hobby project have a tendancy to turn out not as expected.

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